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Year End Giving

Posted by libhom Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's time for me to catch up on my charitable giving and political donations before the year is up. Like I did last year, I figured it would be a good idea to amplify the impact of my giving by mentioning the recipients on my blog in hopes that others will support these worthwhile organizations.

amFAR combines support with medical research with aggressive public policy advocacy in dealing with the HIV/AIDS crisis. This organization has the sense of urgency that so many seem to lack these days.

Doctors Without Borders:
The multitude of wars and other human rights violations around the world are creating far more need for medical services than most of us would even like to think about. Supporting this organization is a way to help ease the damage while we try to stop and prevent the wars that are causing it.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR):
FAIR does an excellent job of exposing the far right bias of the corporate media without allowing itself to become beholden to any politician or party. If you don't like the constant flow of bullshit from so many media outlets, supporting FAIR is something you can do about it.

Freedom From Religion Foundation:
One thing that sets FFRF apart from other groups in this area is that they are not shy about taking state/church separation cases from plaintiffs who are atheists. I also like the actions they have taken to make freethinkers visible. As assaults on the Establishment Clause continue or even escalate in the Obama era, a strong organization fighting for the civil rights of atheists and agnostics is even more important than before.

Gay Men's Health Crisis:
This was one of the pioneering AIDS service providers and still provides important services here in NYC. Please support a local AIDS charity in your area. The need is even greater now that we are in a recession and funding is tight.

Manhattan's LGBT Center:
LGBT centers play a vital role in the queer community. They provide social services. They also provide safe meeting spaces for a variety of health, cultural, political, and recreational activities provided by other organizations. Finding a place for an lgbt group can be a major challenge in a city without one. Please support your local center.

Medical Students for Choice:
The campaigns of harassment and outright terror against doctors who perform abortions have had a chilling effect on the availability of abortion. We need to find ways to support the courageous and honorable medical students who choose this vital area of care as part of their future practices.

Pride @ Work:
Here's a way to support organized labor and queer civil rights issues at the same time. This lgbt labor group does important activism in both areas.

1 Responses to Year End Giving

  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. Good causes all. Now if I only had some money left at the end of the year.....



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