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Time to Rethink Two Holiday Traditions

Posted by libhom Sunday, December 20, 2009

man standing in front of cement mixer covered with Christmas lights
Photo: trrpngirl

Yes, that really is a cement mixer covered with Xmas lights.

Global Warming should be changing behavior more than it is. One example is they way certain pagan traditions are being applied to the pagan holiday of Christmas. The idea of cutting down trees when we need as many trees as possible to fight climate change is crazy.

Then, there is the whole problem of Xmas lights. Who knows how much CO2 goes into our atmosphere because people not only use these things, but many people light them as much as a month or more. You get entire neighborhoods where suburbanites compete on how much energy they can waste in ostentatious and ghastly displays.

Should we put entire countries like the Maldives under water just for Xmas lights? Do we really want to put part of NYC underwater for Xmas lights?

I know this will be tough for some people, but it really is time for decorations that don't use energy, and cutting down trees gratuitously is insane.




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