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The Iraq War Is Still Going

Posted by libhom Monday, December 28, 2009

Our troops in Iraq are still being forced to kill the Iraqis because Big Oil, the mercenary corporations, and the arms merchants are making so much money off of it. Speaking of mercenaries, we still have over 100,000 mercenaries in that country.

With healthcare, Global Warming, the Great Recession, and the War in Afghanistan, it is easy for people to be overwhelmed and overlook the Iraq War, coverage of which is largely censored by corporate media these days. Yet, the occupation and war against the Iraqi people are making all of those problems worse, while unleashing terror, devastation, and death in that country.

CODEPINK has done some great protests over the years against this insane war. I thought running some of the photos from their actions would be a good way to catch your eyes. (All photos are used with permission.)

protest photo with banners that says Get U.S. Out of Iraq
Photo Page

protester holding pink sign that says lead us out of Iraq now
Photo Page

sign that says I'm Not Disturbing the Peace. I'm disturbing the war.
Photo Page

In case you forgot why we are in Iraq:
Satirical image showing John McCain holding money on top of straight talk express bus decorated by corporate logos
Photo Page

The Iraqi people are depending on us to not forget them and to keep trying to stop the war.



  1. Jimmy Says:
  2. CodePink is awesome.

  3. Christopher Says:
  4. The Iraq war is costing the U.S. from $9 billion to $12 billion a month.

    No wonder the Obama administration is trying to get the Iraqi oil fields up and running and producing oil again (they were largely destroyed in the initial U.S. invasion), so some of the profits can trickle back to the U.S. Treasury.

    This administration can't afford two wars in the region. Now, there is talk beginning to gather in neocon circles that a third war -- in Yemen, is the next focus for U.S. combat troops.

    Maybe what we need to do is write letters to Beijing and beg the money boys to not buy American debt? If this were to happen, there would be no money to expand the American empire.

  5. GDAEman Says:
  6. I like the reframing: "Disturbing the War."

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. I would add that the people at home want out, too. I'm glad Code Pink makes such a loud fuss. It's a needed element in a largely rightist nation. But it's just a tiny fist.

    I have no hope of every seeing, in my lifetime, a real health care reform where we don't lose our homes and our savings and our lives due to lack of universal coverage. The U.S. can't afford a third war? Why not? We can add more financial burden and casualties to the backs of Americans. Hell, we bailed out the banks, why not help the military contractors some more? We work hard! We can pay! :-/

    We are such suckers.

    Christopher is absolutely right-on with his comment.



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