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CodePink Praises Carter

Posted by libhom Friday, April 25, 2008

Codepink is offering a way to support Mideast peace while challenging rightist media bias.

The US mainstream media has blasted Carter for meeting with leaders of Hamas--the party that won the January 2006 elections in Palestine. We, on the other hand appreciate his tremendous courage and conviction: by agreeing to talk with Hamas, Carter is staying true to America's democratic principles of recognizing the legitimacy of a representative government, while underscoring the hypocrisy of the US mainstream media and the White House.


Send Jimmy Carter a thank you and a Pink Badge of Courage for his efforts to actively seek a solution to the agonizing conflict between Israel and Palestine. We will deliver your signature directly to the Carter Center in Atlanta, along with a beautiful Jerusalem Hope Candle crafted by Israeli and Palestinian women that embodies Carter's vision of creating durable peace in the Middle East.



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