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metro station in DC
One of the reasons why FDR's New Deal was such a good deal for the country was that it included public works projects that enhanced economic growth for decades. If we are going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in a Stimulus Package as Obama would like us to do, that should include a major investment for public transportation, especially rail transit. This would accomplish the following for decades:

bart train - Fight global warming

- Reduce stress for commuters

- Reduce our consumption of foreign oil, reducing trade deficits and foreign debt

- Fight the obesity epidemic, since car culture is more sedentary

- Put less money in the hands of fundamentalist regimes like the one in Saudi Arabia

The Transit Riders Alliance has a wonderful Action Alert on the subject. Here is the default text, which you should rewrite.

The right investment for our future is transit.

Make sure to include $48 billion for transit in the stimulus bill.. $48 billion would fund all transit projects that are ready to go over the next two years, according to the American Public Transportation Association.

A transit investment will reduce our business and energy costs in the long term, particularly for drivers who will enjoy less traffic congestion, by getting more riders onto public transportation.

And in the short term, these green construction jobs will get people working again.

Other infrastructure investments are not as economically powerful by reducing both transportation costs and energy costs.

Please note that the $5 billion for high-speed and intercity rail is on top of the $48 billion for transit. The times call for bold, innovative investments that will pay off in the long run.

Let me know if you will tell your leaders that you support $48 billion for transit in the stimulus.

Thank you.

Times Square subway entrance Take Action to Support Public Transportation

Please also contact Change.gov to support funding for public transportation in the Stimulus Package.

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Brent and MariLynn
andy in nyc



  1. Yes, yes... I'm all for mass Transit!

    Got your msg over on my blog...

    Which do you consider to be your "main blog"??

  2. GDAEman Says:
  3. Yes! More opportunity for taking action. Thanks.



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