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Baggage Fees Represent False Advertising by the Airlines

Posted by libhom Wednesday, January 13, 2010

clowning around with a wallet with a pickpocketing warning on itFrom the Seattle Times 1/12/10:

Prepare to find space in the overhead bins a little tighter and your wallet a little lighter the next time you fly on Delta or Continental Airlines, both of which have hiked their checked-baggage fees on flights within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Delta, now the world's biggest airline raised after its acquisition of Northwest Airlines, raised the fee from $15 to $23 each way for the first checked bag, and from $25 to $32 each way for the second bag if paid online in advance. Fees went up to $25 and $35 if paid at the airport ticket counter, kiosk or curbside.

The fee hikes came last week after Continental announced similar increases, going from $18 to $23 ($25 if paid at the airport) for the first bag, and from $27 to $32 for the second ($35 at the airport).

Baggage fees always have been a scam. The airlines know people compare fares online, and those online fairs don't include baggage fees. So, the airlines quote falsely low fares that don't include the fees. They are getting away with misleading customers and pocketing the fees.

Life is frustrating enough without having to mentally calculate baggage fees when you are comparing fares. The federal government should launch a criminal investigation into the airlines over this. Meanwhile, one of my vacations this year will be by car instead of by airplane.




  1. I'm so glad I don't fly these days

  2. dguzman Says:
  3. I hate to fly too, so the baggage charge is just another kick in the crotch after (1)the check-in process, (2)that stinky jet-fuel smell that permeates everything, (3)swoopy-stomach caused by altitude changes, (4)over-priced booze both on the planes and especially in the terminal restaurants.



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