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I'm Supporting Jonathan Tasini for the Senate

Posted by libhom Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Gov. Paterson chose Kirsten Gillibrand, of all people, to fill the Senate seat left vacant when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, I was stunned. In a previous post, I chose Ms. Gillibrand as one of the top 5 Democrats most deserving of a primary challenge. Here's the argumentation from that post:

Gillibrand "represents" one of the most liberal states in the country, yet she has provided absolutely no leadership on liberal concerns or any other matters. In fact, on lgbt issues, she has been downright vicious. She pushed for a temporary moratorium on the military ban, which may sound nice. But, look at the history. The elected Bush administration temporarily suspended most enforcement of the ban during the first US/Iraq War, only to kick out the queers who fought in the war after it was over. The Gillibrand approach is another cannon fodder approach to queers in the military. Aside from that, she mostly has been sitting on the sidelines and collecting a hefty paycheck.

But, what would you expect from Gillibrand, who is part of the same corrupt GOP political machine as Al D'Amato and convicted criminal Joe Bruno. New York deserves way, way better than this.

Here are some of my other posts illustrating my strong objections to the nomination in a Democratic primary of a gun nut Republican like Kirsten Gillibrand.

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Fortunately, Jonathan Tasini is running against Senator Gillibrand. He ran a primary challenge against Hillary Clinton. He got 17% of the vote despite the facts that Ms. Clinton had far more money and name recognition, a huge political machine, and a corporate media that was heavily censoring his campaign.

Tasini is the only candidate standing up to the banksters and brokesters. You can read the prepared statement of his speech at last Thursday's protest in front of the infamous Goldman Sachs or watch the YouTube video below.

Tasini also has asked Ms. Gillibrand to give back the dirty Wall St. money her campaign has received.

There are rumors that Harold Ford, a de facto Republican, is thinking of trying to win the Democratic nomination against Ms. Gillibrand. I hope he runs. He will split the money of wealthy and corporate interests and the votes of conservative Phonycrats, which increases Tasini's chances of winning. One thing is clear, though. I won't vote for Gillibrand or Ford in the general election. I always prefer Greens over Republicans like them.

Now, will somebody please, please, please launch a primary challenge against Chuck Schumer so I can vote against him in the primary too.



  1. Lisa G. Says:
  2. I don't think you're gonna get your way with Schumer - he's pretty entrenched in the NY political scene. Gillbrand was an awful pick; Patterson might as well have put a Republican in there for all the good she's done NY.

  3. GDAEman Says:
  4. Oh those Republicrats. Some of them just can't find it in themselves to reject the establishment and side with the people.

  5. TomCat Says:
  6. Tasini is clearly the progressive, and therefore the best choice of the three. I feel lucky to be an Oregonian. We've cleaned out all our right-wingers in the fereral House and Senate except in one.

  7. Oso Says:
  8. I sent him $ during the senate campaign against Hillary.guy has great politics.
    BTW I'm not a corporation so it wasn't much :)



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