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Why Don't More Political Bloggers Post Action Alerts?

Posted by libhom Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I always figured that if I was going to have a blog, I might as well do more than just express my views. It seems to me that I would be missing an opportunity to promote political and social action on important issues if I didn't include Action Alerts from time to time. Unless you have a much larger readership than I, making up your own with web forms isn't really worth the effort, but most of us liberal types are on multiple email lists from various worthwhile organizations. If someone is averse (understandably) to getting so much email, it isn't difficult to go to the sites of groups one agrees with and get the alerts there.

So, I am genuinely curious. Why don't more liberal and progressive bloggers include occasional calls to action in their blogs? If you don't do it, or you seldom do it, you certainly could satisfy my curiosity by saying why in the comments.


  1. I can't speak for anyone else Libhom. But like you, I'm on plenty of email alert lists and causes. They do a better job of it than I could. The people that visit me are for the most part the same people that visit you and the others I follow.

    And after 30 years of busting my as for the Democratic Party and seeeing so many of those I helped turn out to be selfish assholes who's agenda wasn't progressive policies that benefit the people, but taking care of themselves, apathy towards the machine has conquered my need to "make a difference." All I have is a little blog where I can rant to my hearts content with no delusions I'm changing the world. Or my little piece of it anyway.

    Blogging is fun and I get to read great views from folks like Libhom, Stimpson and others. Political hacking is drudgery. God bless those that continue.

  2. TomCat Says:
  3. That's good question, Libhom. I've posted 15 in the last four months, and many more requests to take action without the 'Action Alert' tag.



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