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CBS Panders to Dangerous Religious Extremists

Posted by libhom Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've always had mixed feelings about the Super Bore. It's unwatchable television. I've also wondered about people who watch it for the commercials. Watching anything for the commercials makes no sense to me because the "best" commercials are less interesting than a mediocre website or Netflix DVD.

On the other hand, the Super Bore is really convenient. It's a great time to do stuff that otherwise would be overcrowded (e.g., the gym, shopping). Just make sure the place isn't closed during the national snoozefest. To be honest, I wish the Super Bore happened monthly.

Now, CBS has added a sinister side to the Super Bore. (Reuters)

DALLAS/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Women's groups are urging television broadcaster CBS not to air an ad during next month's Super Bowl football championship final because they say it has a strident anti-abortion rights message.

The plans to air the ad, sponsored by a conservative Christian group called Focus on the Family, could see the polarizing issue of abortion rights dropped squarely in the midst of National Football League's premier event.

It would be the first time that Focus on the Family, a politically influential evangelical group founded by James Dobson, has bought air time during the Super Bowl -- the ultimate prize of the advertising world with 30-second spots going for up to $3.2 million.

CBS certainly is showing a double standard and favoring anti American religious extremists like the ones at "Focus on the Family." From USA Today 1/27/10:
Now that CBS has a new policy allowing advocacy ads, The United Church of Christ, rebuffed when it submitted an ad in 2004 showing gay men welcome at worship, has a new question for this network and others:

Why is only one Christian viewpoint -- the Focus on the Family conservative right viewpoint (opposing gay marriage and women's reproductive rights)-- welcome on the air?

The answer, of course, is that CBS is misogynist, homophobic, and in favor of batshit crazy, religious extremism.

I ended up sending feedback to the bigots who run CBS.
Your decision to accept an ad from the militant, anti American fundamentalists who call themselves "Focus on the Family" while rejecting a previous, and far less controversial, ad from a pro gay religious group sends a vicious and unpatriotic message.

First, you shouldn't accept any funding from an anti American organization like FOTF whose ultimate goal is to destroy American's democracy and freedom and replace them with a Taliban style theocracy. Second, CBS is not applying its alleged standards consistently. Third, CBS should avoid overt expressions of misogynistic hatred, given that CBS stations have public broadcast licenses, and women make up a majority of the public.

By accepting the ad from these Taliban style extremists, CBS is sending a loud and clear message about who it doesn't want watching the Super Bowl and other CBS programming.

- Women

- LGBT people

- Atheists

- Non Fundamentalist religious believers

- All patriotic Americans.

The corporate media get more hateful, unprofessional, corrupt, and bigoted with each passing day.


1 Responses to CBS Panders to Dangerous Religious Extremists

  1. Jolly Roger Says:
  2. Perhaps CBS would be better served by changing to JBS-The Jesusistan Bullshit Service.

    I don't watch the Stupid Bowl either. For largely the same reasons.



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