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Bart Stupak = Gun Extremist and Bad Father

Posted by libhom Thursday, January 07, 2010

I knew that Bart Stupak was a woman hating, religious extremist. I knew that he was conning people by pretending to be a Democrat. Yet, I read something today that still has even someone like me shocked. (New York Times 1/6/10)

After his younger son committed suicide in 2000, using the congressman’s gun, Mr. Stupak soon resumed his predawn commute to Washington and his solid voting record with the National Rifle Association.

I have yet to find the words to describe how sickening and depraved this is. My jaw actually dropped on this one. It is impossible to conceive of how a father who really loved his son could actually do something like this. Continuing to vote with the NRA under these circumstances is the moral equivalent of dancing on his son's grave.

Religious extremists like Stupak often pretend they are so much more moral than everyone else. However, you almost always find hypocrisy and morally repugnant behavior below the surface. I really hope Stupak switches to Republican. I may not be a partisan Democrat, but I really don't like even being registered to the same party as a monster like Bart Stupak.



  1. TomCat Says:
  2. Libhom, I feel shocked. I hope he is defeated in the primary by a progressive opponant. The party should expend no funds on his behalf.

  3. Oso Says:
  4. what a conscienceless prick.Wish I could say I'm surprised that not only people like Stupak exist but they are democratically elected representatives.
    We as a people are pathetic.

  5. GDAEman Says:
  6. Can you say "C Street"?

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. omg omg, omg....and I don't mean that in a good way. There is not much that shocks me about politics, but I am speechless!

  9. i didnt know this about stupak - who may now be the biggest asshole/douchebag in congress. pulling the title from Lieberman

    u nialed it - he is dancing on the grave of his son.

    like oso said - the fact that people actually elect this schmuck and asswipe is quite amazing and sad



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