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photo of Bernanke with bankster over itPresident Obama's pandering to the banksters has become legendary by now, but it needs to stop. I find it horrifying that Obama nominated Ben Bernanke to another term running the Federal Reserve. I emailed him letting him know my position on this issue.

Please withdraw the nomination of Ben Bernanke to disserve another term as head of the Federal Reserve.

He is incredibly corrupt and incompetent. He is one of the banksters who very nearly destroyed America's economy.

He even screwed up the Fed's bailout of the collapsing banks. If he had rescued the people with the mortgages rather than rescuing the banksters' mortgage paper, we would have been out of this terrible recession months ago.

You need to reject corrupt banksters like Bernanke and nominate someone of the highest intelligence and ethical standards.

You Can Contact the White House Too

I seldom agree with Ron Paul, but Paul is quite correct in calling for independent audits of the Federal Reserve. It's the American people's money. We have every right to know what is being done with it.



  1. Yeah, I think Bernake is toast...

  2. Oso Says:
  3. libhom,
    I agree. The best you can say about him is that his actions may have helped, once things blew up.
    But he is complicit in bringing about this crisis.
    It's like lauding a guy who fell asleep smoking in bed but helped extinguish the resulting fire.

  4. Jolly Roger Says:
  5. Just so you know; my comments are almost always bigoted. I despise genetically-challenged "conservatives" and speak ill of them at every turn.

    Having gotten that off my chest (and what a relief that was,) I must say that I am convinced the President doesn't really understand Wall Street very well, and he's been way too dependent on advisors that understand how things work there PERFECTLY well. Let us hope that he's realizing his mistake; his rhetoric of the last few days indicates that perhaps something is getting through to him.

  6. GDAEman Says:
  7. My feeble attempt. Thanks for the trigger.


    I respectfully request that you withdraw the nomination of Ben Bernanke for Federal Reserve Chairman. As Former NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer has said, Bernanke is "complicit" in the in the events leading up to the financial collapse. This "collapse" has resulted, under the watch of Obama, into a consolidation of financial power and a historic transfer of wealth from the many to the powerful few. If Obama doesn't have the sense to change horses, God bless America (and I'm not even religious).

    Hello? Is anyone listening? An intern maybe? I used to work on the Hill and I'm watching a serious case of Washington Group Think. I urge the intern or volunteer reading this to start telling your friends that "the time has come." We can't keep papering over the deeper issues.

    Bernanke is an example of such papering over. His nomination should be withdrawn.


  8. Jo Says:
  9. You folks must be so disillusioned with Obama, et al, by now.

    Maybe the massacre in Massachusetts has made Obama realize he has to pay attention.



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