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Christians Gone Wild

Posted by libhom Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Xmas Presents for This Atheist

I Think That This Video Is Actually Serious

Screaming Christian at Jesus Camp

Faith Healing

Christians Protest a Star Wars Movie

Catholic School Bans Harry Potter

Religious Neighbor with Some Signs


  1. Sweet Jesus, I hate those people.

  2. Melissa Says:
  3. Great videos! I couldn't get through the second one, too annoying.

    My favourite was the Faith Healing one, reminded me of the scene from the second Matrix when all those Smith agents were surrounding Neo and he was fighting them back! Honestly, watch it again and tell me that isn't the same thing!

    The last one reminded me of Steve Erwin, this guy was observing the crazy Christian in the way only an Aussie can!

  4. Laura Says:
  5. I've only had time to watch the first one (gotta get the kiddies ready for school).
    I love the Mom...what GREAT example of what Christianity is all about....

    PS, I'll come back later and watch the others.

  6. Okay, all of those people are crazy freaks, but the second video down? Look at that guy's eyes! He is seriously insane! How scary that some of my neighbors in Florida could have made that video. Sad and scary!

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Ok, with that headline, I was expecting some porn! ;)

  9. Jimmy Says:
  10. I'm reminded of Larry Flynt's suggestion that evangelicals, et al, who think they hear the voice of god should just go see their doctors and get a prescription for lithium and they would be just fine.



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