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CPAC Bigot Cheered and Applauded More Than Booed

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 20, 2010

The GOP propaganda machine is trying to claim that Ryan Sorba, of the "Young Conservatives of California," was "booed off the stage" for being anti gay. The facts don't fit the propaganda. Sorba committed the cardinal sin of going off talking points and criticizing conference organizers who allowed some homophobic gay Republicans to attend as long as those self loathing queers said and did nothing to support lgbt rights. (Hat tip for Video: Box Turtle Bulletin)

When you watch the actual video, several things are apparent.

1) He did not leave the stage until he was done talking.

2) The number of people cheering and applauding were greater than those who booed, though the people booing were louder per person.

Also, the GOP noise machine is claiming that Sorba was being booed for being a bigot. That isn't true, if you know anything about the right in this country. He was booed for criticizing the conference organizers, CPAC. Rightists are expected to be good little sheep who flock in unison.

By the way, "GOPride" (it really should be called GOShame) did nothing to promote tolerance of our people at the convention, much less pushing for equality. They accepted terms which expressly forbade that. All they were allowed to do was to offer help and advice on technology. GOShame didn't object to this at all. After all, the GOShame people hate themselves and all other glbt people just as much as the rest of the CPAC attendees and organizers.



  1. NG Says:
  2. I'm sure this posting was not meant to be in defense of Sorba, right? Nonetheless, now that excitement and or surprise has subsided, all that really happened was that Sorba tried grandstanding and it backfired.Again. All GoProud did was to capitalize on it.

    Whether one likes it or not, they did manage to do what those on the alleged left side of the political spectrum haven't been able to do which is to make an ass of Sorba.

    Gotta give credit when credit's due.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. LOL Sorba makes an ass out himself every time he opens his mouth. GOShame deserves nothing but contempt.

  5. Sorba's argument doesn't even hold water. Don't conservatives believe that human nature is irrevocably fallen. I never thought I'd see the day when a conservative would put forth the humanist proposition that "human nature is rational." Is there anything more irrational than human nature? That's why our developed human intellect has taught us things like tolerance, open-mindedness, but above all, to mind your own business.

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Oh, bullshit.

    Although some were cheering and clapping, there was overwhelming boo when the asshat started running his mouth. Most of CPAC attendees were young conservatives who don't have issues with gay people. Shouldn't you be happy about it? Apparently no. You deliberately want conservatives to remain homophobic. That's right. If conservatives all of sudden became supportive of the gay cause, there will be no one else to blame for all the problems within gay community. Shame on you! Civil rights should NEVER be a partisan issue!



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