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Ben Nelson looking like a dorkCorporate interests are never satisfied with the level of butt kissing they get from politicians. Ben Nelson, the "Democratic" Senator from Nebraska is a perfect example. He has sabotaged healthcare reform, opposed even weak legislation to reduce Global Warming, and now he's gone to extremes to pander to anti union corporate and wealthy interests. From the AFL-CIO Now blog 2/12/10 (bolding mine):

Earlier this week, Republicans proved the lesson we all learned in school, “the majority rules,” doesn’t apply to the U.S. Senate. With every single Republican vote and two from defecting Democrats (see below), Republicans sustained a filibuster against Craig Becker’s nomination to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

After the vote, President Obama cited the filibuster against Becker and Republican holds on more than 60 of his nominees and said he would consider using recess appointment strategy to break the stranglehold the Republican minority has put on the nominees.


Those two defecting Democrats who supported the filibuster were Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Blanche Lincoln (Ark.). Give them a call and tell them how disappointed you are that they turned their backs back on working families. Nelson’s office phone is 202-224-4842 and Lincoln’s is 202-224-6551.

The Goppers don't like Becker because he was a lawyer for SEIU. They say that makes him "biased." There have been plenty of people on the NLRB who have worked in management positions at corporations, yet the Goppers never said that they were "biased."

You would think that the sleazy corporate interests opposing Becker would be grateful to Nelson, but nooooooooooooooooo.... They actually are attacking them.

The "National Right to Work Committee" (got to love the name) is a lobbying/PR group for wealthy and corporate interests that focuses on denying Americans the right to form and join unions. Even when Nelson went on a major butt kissing mission, they still started running attack ads against him in Nebraska on the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it tougher for employers to intimidate workers into not organizing unions. Here is how the special interests reward "Democrats" who suck up to them.

Democrats should learn a lesson from this. Corporations and the wealthy people who own them are partisan Republicans who will never be satisfied no matter how much pandering they get. The only way for Democrats to keep their majority is to start representing the overwhelming majority of Americans who are middle class and poor.


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  1. Cirze Says:
  2. He can join Tauzin at the bar?

    Thanks for your reporting, friend.




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