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Rachel Maddow Exposes GOP Hypocrisy, Especially on the Stimulus

Posted by libhom Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gopper politicians have flip flopped all over the place, even though their party campaigned in 2004 on Kerry being a "flip flopper." The funniest part is when the Gopper politicians take credit for stimulus money in their districts when they voted against it. (Hat Tip: My Big Fat Lazy Blog)

The whole thing also proves that the GOP thinks that the teabaggers are idiots.

Note to Any Teabaggers Reading This:
If your friendly, Republican politician says that the stimulus plan was bad, check and see if they have also made statements in favor of it. (Even the ultraright Cato Institute is noticing.)

Full Listing (Think Progress)
(This is long, so you may want to do a ctrl-F (command-F on Mac) to search for your congresscritter or Senator's name.)

Stimulus Hypocrisy and the Tea Partiers (CATO)

Republican hypocrites vote no on stimulus but take money and credit for 'good policy'

Stimulus Hypocrisy (Think Progress)



  1. Jimmy Says:
  2. Maddow did a great job with this piece. Her tone was especially appropriate.

  3. C Woods Says:
  4. Thanks for posting this. I don't have cable so I miss stuff like this unless it is posted on the internet and good people like you point it out to me.

    My refrigerator magnet says: "OMG GOP WTF!"



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