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Banned Condom Commercials

Posted by libhom Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm not sure this one is for real, but I do know it would work.

This one is for real.

The scumbags at CBS and Fox banned this one.

You would think HIV would be more than enough reason for condom use, but whatever it takes.



  1. having done commercial clearance -- you would not believe the "rule book" and what i would have to go through

    and then the phone calls i would have to take form the public

    believe it or not the nastiest people are the ones who complain about the anti-smoking commercials


  2. While I don't share your views on God GLH, I do share them on this. I have no clue what was wrong with any of these ads.

  3. Writer Says:
  4. At least for the people who watch FOX, HIV is a punishment for having sex out of wedlock (for straight people) which is also why they don't want sex-ed in schools.

    HIV and STDs will teach the high schooler "better" than education.

  5. Laura Says:
  6. There is nothing wrong with any of those.
    Maybe if someone had shown me #2 I wouldn't have had 4 kids... :P

    But seriously. I cannot believe that we still have to have these discussions 25 years after Aids first came onto the scene.
    Good grief!

    Here in Canada we've had some fairly racy condom ads but, I'd rather have my kids safe then doing something stupid. If these ads (as you say) do the job then, ye haw! More power to them. :P


  7. Puritanicalism lives...



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