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The Roman Catholic Church Must Be Banned

Posted by libhom Thursday, March 25, 2010

The rampant rape of children among the Roman Catholic clergy is not a local problem. It's not a US problem. It's a global problem of such magnitude that it couldn't be going on at such horribly high levels without the deliberate support of the Vatican.

There is no legitimate way that anyone can defend the RCC anymore. The crimes committed by that institution over the centuries are enormous and unforgivable. The Inquisition and earlier slaughters of Pagans, the murderous wars to slaughter Protestants for not bowing before child molesting Popes, the open and brazen support of Mussolini and Hitler, and the genocide of Eastern Orthodox Serbo-Croats in the RCC's own fascist regime in Croatia during WWII are some of the best known historical examples of how vicious and murderous the RCC has been.

But, don't think this power mad and genocidal bent has eased up. Ratzi is engaging in a campaign of racist genocide by trying to stop condom use in Africa. This was a continuation of Ratzi's jihad against condom use in order to promote the spread of HIV among gay and bisexual men who have sex with adults.

Then, there's the massive obstruction of justice by the Roman Catholic clergy of the perpetual rape of children by that evil cult. It continues to this day. Pro child rape Roman Catholic extremists dare to attack Sinead O'Connor for demanding an end to this evil church. Ratzi himself keeps trying to falsely present this as a series of isolated incidents to deny culpability and protect the child rapists. Ratzi even has the nerve to try to shift blame away from himself and his sociopathic clergy.

Obviously, the Justice Department needs to prosecute Joseph Ratzinger for obstruction of justice aiding and abetting rape. There should be extradition proceedings against that monster immediately.

But, that isn't enough. If Ratzi resigns or goes to prison, he will be replaced by someone else who will protect child raping priests. We really need to amend the constitution to permanently ban and criminalize the Roman Catholic Church.

This may seem like a big step, but you have to remember that the authors of the Bill of Rights had no idea that a major religious denomination would side against this country during WWII or that they would engage in the rampant rape of children. Constitutional amendments are big steps, but they are necessary in some cases.

At this point, there is no possible way to defend the Roman Catholic Church without endorsing mass murder and the rape of children.

Roman Catholicism = Raping Children!

Stop the Church!


1 Responses to The Roman Catholic Church Must Be Banned

  1. Thomas Says:
  2. I agree that the RCC is a detestable entity. I'm not sure I agree with your proposals but I'll have to mull on it for a while.

    Just a point, my understanding of Church doctrine is that a Pope cannot resign. The Pope, once made Pope, is Pope for life, whether they want to be or not. There was a Pope in the 1500's that was so at odds with the College of Cardinals that he did resign and went to live in seclusion. This almost caused a schism in the church as a majority of Bishops refused to recognize the new Pope elected to replace the retired one.

    So much of a headache did this cause that church law was later amended to declare that a Pope cannot abdicate.

    I'll have to find the book that I got this from and get names and dates.



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