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Deceptive Names for Rightist Organizations and Projects

Posted by libhom Monday, March 01, 2010

Congress has passed legislation extending the Unpatriotic Act, without even any modifications to protect peoples' privacy. The official name of this legislation which attacks American values is the "Patriot Act," and so many, even on the left, have gone along with this.

In two previous postings, I have referred to the Club for Growth (of Income Inequality). The official name lacks the part in parentheses. The organization has no real interest in spurring overall economic growth. If they did, they would oppose tax cuts for the rich which repress economic growth instead of making them mandatory for any politician they support. The Club for Growth (of Income Inequality) is made up of extremely wealthy Republicans, many of them in Manhattan. They spend large amounts of money running primary challenges against conservative, but not batshit crazy, Republicans in order to save much larger amounts of taxes.

This is part of a larger project by the far right to deceive the American public about the nature of their goals and practices. Here are some examples of deceptive organizational organizational names and what the organizations actually do.

"Family Research Council"
Promotes and disseminates propaganda promoting bigotry, discrimination, and violence against women, non Christians, and queers. Promotes religious extremism.

"National Right to Work Committee"
Opposes the rights of employees to form and maintain unions. Opposes legislation which protects employees who want to join unions from intimidation, harassment, and firing by union busting employers. Demonizes unions and union members with bizarre propaganda.

"National Right to Life"
Promotes bigotry, discrimination, and violence against women. Opposes life saving condom distribution and AIDS education programs. Promotes religious extremism. Demonizes abortion providers to such an extreme extent that it results in terrorist threats and attacks.

"Keep America Safe"
Works to frighten Americans so much that they will go along with policies that endanger our national security and economic well being in order to further enrich the super rich.

"Accuracy in Media"
Works to maintain and enforce the far right slant of corporate media propaganda and to censor information which would lead people to question far right ideology.

"Reason Magazine"
Uses bizarre and illogical rationalizations to promote wealthy and corporate interests at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

"Center for Individual Rights"
Promotes discrimination on the basis of race and sex.

"Concerned Women for America"
A militant, fundamentalist hate group largely controlled by men.

I'm sure you could list more organizations if you put your mind to it, but I've made my point. The far right knows it can not win political debates honestly and transparently, so they deceive and manipulate the public as much as possible in order to try to win in the political arena.

If you notice a similarity between the US right's practices and the fictional totalitarian socialist regime in 1984, you are quite correct. The author, George Orwell as a democratic socialist who saw the dangers in terms of what was around at that time, the late 1940s. He didn't foresee that the US right would adopt many of the practices of deception that are commonly described as "Orwellian" as an homage to his book, largely because the well funded rightist reaction of the late 20th Century was only in its infancy.

Major corporate media outlets happily go along with the deceptive naming of far right organizations because it advances the agendas of wealthy owners and advertisers. In today's USA, we are propagandized at as relentlessly as citizens of the old Soviet Empire. The main difference is that the field of propaganda has advanced since then, making it more effective.



  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. Something we can all do. Write editors at print news outlets and remind them that it's not the "Patriot Act" but rather an acronym, the USA PATRIOT Act `Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.' That is, it needs to be written in all CAPS.

    Might seem trivial, but it's a simple way to hammer the broader message of your post home on one of the many name-game issues.

  3. Kvatch Says:
  4. He didn't foresee that the US right would adopt many of the practices of deception that are commonly described as "Orwellian" as an homage to his book, largely because the well funded rightist reaction of the late 20th Century was only in its infancy.

    ...and if what we see here in the US bears Orwell out...what's currently going on in Great Britain is practically a full-blown implementation of 1984.

  5. Dave Dubya Says:
  6. The Orwellian doublespeak is everywhere. The bigger the better, too, so to speak. We have a torture condoning Department of "Justice" and an aggresssive illegally launched war by the "Defense" Department.

    Read all about it in the "Liberal" Media.



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