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Canada Follows Ann Coulter's Advice

Posted by libhom Friday, March 26, 2010

American rightists who seek to impose themselves on other countries are furious that a Canadian university canceled a speech by Osama bin Coulter in the face of overwhelming campus opposition. But what does the evil one herself think about free speech? (The Independent Florida Alligator 10/21/05 - Hat Tip: Dawg's Blog)

She also criticized the media for being liberal and Democrats for whining about their rights under the First Amendment.

"They're always accusing us of repressing their speech," she said. "I say let's do it. Let's repress them."

She later added, "Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."

The reactions by many of the right show how incredibly stupid they are. The Democratic Party doesn't even exist outside of the US, but that hasn't stopped many on the right fringe for attacking the Democrats for something they had nothing to do with. (e.g. The Lewis Crusade)
There is no secret that our own Democratic Party has a huge admiration for Canada and wants to turn the US into Canada.

Incidents like this just prove once again what the Democrats really are: Stalinists.

The title of this post was equally offensive and idiotic too, "All liberals are terrorists."



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Do these people even know *why* there was such an issue or did they just react to what was told to them by the media?

    Canadian Speech Laws are different than the US. When Coulter said *all* Muslims were Terrorists and should fly back home on their magic carpets, and told one girl (who had asked the question that instigated this) who replied "I don't have one" to "Get a camel", she was promoting racial hate, which is against our laws here in Canada. Because of the tone of her words and how they were received, it was considered *Safer* for her to be canceled than to continue on with the whole thing.

    As it is, when Coulter mentioned the Health Care issue in the States, the people in the room *agreed* with her assessments and cheered her, apparently. But because of this, now we're all free speech haters?

    She was warned *before* she came of our laws being different. She thinks she can now argue her "rights to Free Speech" have been violated. Our Human Rights commission, so I've heard, might be consulted about this.

  3. Thanks for the link. The title of my post was a response to a pro-abortionist who frequents my blog and insists that all pro-lifers are terrorists, so I was just turning around the favor.

    I am well aware that the Democratic Party does not exist outside the US. I'm also well aware that there is no such thing as a "Democratic Party" in the US, but merely the Communist Party USA.

    I'm not sure who's exposing their stupidity when you are asserting I said something I didn't say. I said the goal of the American Democratic party is to turn the US into Canada. My point being, of course, that the disgusting behavior of Canadians shows the low standards that that the US Democratic party idealizes--the same disgusting standards of Cindy Sheehan and the average poster on Democratic Underground, Huffington Post or RH Reality Check.

  4. libhom Says:
  5. John: You are digging yourself in deeper and deeper, and you don't even realize it. This is really comedy gold.

  6. How is it funny? I'm confused. Liberals can't accept the fact that people think differently than they do or refuse to kowtow. They want to usher in their great Marxist Revolution, and they don't care whom they hurt or step on along the way. They claim to be about compassion and tolerance but preach hatred and suppression of differing ideas.

    Show me exactly how liberals engage in dignified and intelligence speech?

    Turn on the TV, and you hear people like John Stewart and Jeannine Garafalo and Sen. Franken acting like 8th graders and passing it off as political discourse.
    Go to the blogs/message boards I mentioned, and half the posts have more curse words than punctuation marks.

    Look at your average liberal demonstration, and you hear and read curse words, see people in various states of indecent or outlandish outfits, throwing things at people, etc.

    I realize that there are some people of this sort on the Right, as well, but they're in the minority, and most conservatives distance themselves from that kind of behavior.

  7. Laura Says:
  8. Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting America to be more like Canada... :P (says the Canadian)

    Is it okay if I call her a b-word? I'm not even sure why she is here...


  9. Lew Scannon Says:
  10. So Ann Coulter and her ilk think that the Democratic party wishes to turn the US into Canada? That's a step up from the eight years of Republican rule that has turned the US into a third world country.

  11. Serryah Says:
  12. "the disgusting behavior of Canadians"

    As to the totally spectacular behavior of Americans? People are people no matter what country they are from; there's jerks in every country.

    But to ask; just what behavior was "disgusting" that you felt the need to say this?

  13. Let's see. . . . Should I start with legalized marijuana or legalized Prostitution?

    The violent nature of the protests, which led Coulter (for whom I have no particular admiration, I might add) to cancel her appearance (which is what I was specifically referring to)?

    The Maoist "hate speech" law itself, and the persecution of Christians that has resulted from it?



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