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Tony Blair Has Gotten Some Big Money Jobs from Big Oil Interests

Posted by libhom Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blair looking ghoulish at the World Economic ForumRemember former UK Prime Minister, known worldwide as "Bush's Poodle" for going along with the war on Iraq and yipping in favor of it? He's been making some money (Scotsman 3/20/10 - Hat Tip Ten Percent)

It finally emerged this week that Mr Blair had been paid for advising UI Energy, a South Korean oil firm with extensive interests in the US and Iraq.


It also disclosed Mr Blair had been acting as a "governance adviser" to the Kuwaiti government since June 2008 in a deal reportedly worth £1 million.

Mr Blair's spokesman was quoted as saying the agreement with UI Energy related to a "one-off piece of advice" and was not related to Iraq.

The last paragraph from the quoted text should be worth a giggle or two.

After all, we know that the Iraq War had nothing to do with oil. It couldn't. It just couldn't. I'll let The Church Lady respond to this news.

Tony Blair is the world's wealthiest poodle.

Photo: World Economic Forum



  1. paulocanning Says:
  2. Action alert: Iraqi LGBT need your help

    The UK government through its Border Agency has decided not to give priority to the asylum application of Iraqi LGBT leader Ali Hili, in exile in London. The application has been outstanding for nearly three years and while it is outstanding, Ali cannot travel.

    This decision directly impacts not just on Ali but on harshly persecuted Iraqi lesbians and gays through the reduced ability of their sole visible leader to raise their profile internationally.

    Can you help?

    As you may be aware, numerous human rights organisations and journalists have documented the pogrom against lesbians and gays in Iraq. Iraqi LGBT estimates that over 700 LGBT have been assassinated over the past few years. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has advised 'favourable consideration' for asylum claims because of the situation.

    As the public leader of the only group representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people both inside Iraq and in the diaspora, Hili has received a fatwa from inside Iraq as well as numerous threats in London which have forced him to move. He is under the protection of the Metropolitan Police.

    US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin spoke last month of their concerns for LGBT both in Iraq and as refugees, in a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-signed by 64 other Congresspeople.

    Hili has received many requests to speak about the situation in Iraq internationally, including from US-based groups such as the Gay Liberation Network and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign, which he has been unable to pursue.

    His solicitor, Barry O'Leary, wrote to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in August 2009 that: "he desperately wishes to do this [travel] in order to further the aims of his organisation, that is, supporting lesbians and gay men in Iraq and bringing the world's attention to their plight."

    Six months later, the UKBA told O'Leary that:

    * the assistance given by Hilli to the Foreign Office "does not count"
    * the fatwa does not mean that Hilli "falls within the classification of clear and immediate vulnerability"
    * that the delay in deciding Hilli's asylum case (since July 2007) "is not in itself an exceptional circumstance"
    * his case is not "compelling"

    Peter Tatchell says of Ali:

    "It was Ali Hili of Iraqi LGBT who first alerted the world to the organised killing of LGBT people in Iraq - way back in 2005. For a long time, he was a lone voice."

    "Mr Hili was also the person who set up the 'underground railroad' and safe houses inside Iraq, to give refuge to LGBT people on the run from Islamist death squads and to provide escape routes to neighbouring countries - which saved the lives of many Iraqi LGBTs.

    Ali must travel!

    The UK Foreign Office Human Rights Report for 2009 specifically names Iraqi LGBT over other NGOs as a key source of information. Hili has met with them numerous times. The report quotes Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell condemning persecution of LGBT in Iraq.

    Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant wrote in his blog on Feb. 24: "I know some people dismiss LGBT rights as something of a sideshow in international relations, but I am proud to say that the FCO has argued for a decade that human rights are a seamless garment."

    Yet the same government through the Home Office is effectively aiding that persecution through the failure of government recognition to Iraqi LGBT's leader.

    We want the UK government to expedite Ali Hili's asylum claim so he is properly able to tell the world about what is happening to LGBT in Iraq.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. Well, we now know the price Phony Tony placed on his soul.

  5. Oso Says:
  6. I guess if you're gonna be a poodle might as well be a wealthy one.

    Off-topic libhom, I posted something at MadMikes on healthcare, takeoff on the Ant and Grasshopper fable if you got nothing better to do.

  7. Jolly Roger Says:
  8. He was always a good bitch.



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