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mosaic map of FloridaThe teabagger movement is largely fake. It's mostly orchestrated by wealthy and corporate interests. One of the most powerful set of interests in that area is the Bush Family.

I've wondered why the teabaggers are so angry at a rightist nutjob like Crist. This may be the answer. From the St. Petersburg Times 3/14/10:

There's been a lot of speculation about when Jeb Bush will finally make his preference official and endorse Marco Rubio for the Senate.

But it strikes us that Rubio is better served for now with the popular ex-governor continuing with his current role: ostensibly neutral and taking increasingly tough shots at Charlie Crist from the sidelines.

Compared to the vast majority of Americans, Crist is pretty far right. However, for a Gopper, he's relatively non psycho (emphasis on "relatively"). That makes winning a Gopper Senate primary tough, but it would make him a potential GOP presidential candidate if he does.

That's the last thing Jeb Bush wants. The Bush's see the White House as their favorite vacation home, and it's Jeb's turn next. So, it's hardly surprising that he wants the next Florida Senator to be a circus sideshow, not a serious contender for nationwide office. When it comes to wingnuts, Marco Rubio sure fits the bill. As the Church Lady was famous for saying:

"How Convenient!"

The object lesson of this is never get in the way of the Bush Family. Remember what happened to John "Keating Five" McCain in 2000?

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  1. Oso Says:
  2. Libhom
    A little disconcerting, that "relatively non-psycho" is the best one can say for the better Republicans.
    Thanks for your comments at Mikes.

  3. Bob Says:
  4. Congratulations. Your blog is probably the nuttiest I've ever seen on the internet. Keep up the poor work.

  5. libhom Says:
  6. Bob: I bet you say that to all the liberal blogs.

  7. Christopher Says:
  8. Hey Bob, there's a Prius waiting for you to drive. Make sure you floor the accelerator in rush hour traffic. If we're lucky, you'll get the Prius that fails to stop.

  9. TomCat Says:
  10. "relatively non-psycho?" That must be like a Cardinal being relatively non-Catholic. ;-)

    However he is less offensive than most Republicans.

  11. Lew Scannon Says:
  12. Jeb/Sarah in 2012? Jeb is the "relatively non-psycho" Bush family member......

  13. C Woods Says:
  14. Seems to me that one of the teabaggers' core issues is that the government is running up the national debt. If they were so concerned about that, where were they when W ran up his enormous debt? The reality is, they hate government spending when Dems are in power, but it's OK when the GOP has a strangle hold on the government.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not in favor for running up the national debt. I think there should be fiscal responsibility by individuals, corporations, and governments. But when corporations are really running the country and Congress is accepting large campaign contributions from them, and deregulation has created a terrible economic situation, then the current government is left to clean up the mess.



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