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Action Against Oil Spills Tuesdays

Posted by libhom Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1) Tell Sec. of Interior Salazar to Keep ANWR Off Limits for Oil Drilling

Care2 is hosting an Action Alert from the Wilderness Society which follows:

Say No to Sarah Palin and Her Big Oil Allies

Target: Interior Secretary Salazar
Sponsored by: The Wilderness Society
Sarah Palin has a solution to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: drill more and drill now in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Apparently Palin is missing something. ANWR is an international treasure. Caribou, moose, wolves and millions of migratory birds live in this wild place. If it were in the lower 48 states, a landscape as magnificent as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would be as revered as Yellowstone or Yosemite. It's up to us to keep this wilderness free of oil rigs and oil spills.

Say no to Sarah Palin and keep drilling rigs out of the Arctic Refuge. Send a letter to Secretary Salazar letting him know that there is no fail safe way to drill for oil, offshore or on land.

We could replace the small percentage of US oil consumption that ANWR drilling represents with green energy policies, policies which also would reduce our impact on global warming.

Please Take Action Now!

2) Tell President Obama to Move Beyond Oil in 20 Years

Here is an Action Alert from the Sierra Club's Beyond Oil website:
President Obama: Let's Move Beyond Oil!

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf is a wake up call. Now is our chance to turn the tides and create a clean energy future that moves us off oil.

Send a message to President Obama and urge him to create a plan that moves us off oil in the next 20 years.

Please Sign the Petition Now!

3) Publicize and Support the Campaigns to Seize British Petroleum Or Revoke It's Corporate Charter

Offshore oil drilling always is incredibly negligent, carrying huge and unnecessary risks of spills. British Petroleum has been especially reckless in its conduct, resulting in over 8000 spill reports in the US alone. British Petroleum must be destroyed if we want to stop the cycle of offshore oil drilling, corporate greed, and spills.

Seize BP Petition button Revoke BP's Corporate Charter http://bit.ly/revokebpscharter




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