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With the advent of relatively affordable graphics software and more easily portable cameras, including cell phone cameras, and Internet distribution systems using graphic design and illustration for political protest has entered a new golden age. One example has been the way people have used British Petroleum's misleading logo and deceptive "Beyond Petroleum" ad campaign as launching points for parody. Here are some excellent examples.

oil barrel with BP on it pouring petroleum over the Earth
Illustration: Bonard

oil leaking from letters bp into rest of logo
Illustration: Amy Phetamine

mock ad saying catastrophe is such a strong word.  Call it a whoospie daisy. An oil leaking logo also is featured.
Graphic: didbygraham

abstracted image of BP logo in flames
Graphic: ssoosay

bee with green dollar sign eyes urinating petroleum on the Earth with corporate name morphed to black plague
Illustration: Poster Boy NYC



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