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I Didn't Know That Vaseline And Facebook Were This Racist

Posted by libhom Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is just repugnant. (From the Deccan Herald 7/18/10)

Popular social networking site Facebook is facing a major controversy, including allegations of promoting racism, for introducing an application for Indian users that draws on the country’s infatuation for fair skin.

The “Vaseline Men BE PREPARED” application, which promotes the company’s “whitening body lotion” for men, shows users how their skin will get fairer if they use the lotion, by digitally lightening their profile pictures and removing dark spots. The lotion has actor Shahid Kapoor as its brand ambassador.

The campaign has evoked a big outcry on the network, with people posting angry messages on the Facebook page of the campaign.

I know I won't be buying Vaseline products after this. There's absolutely no excuse for it.




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