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I am so sick and tired of religious extremism and religion in general.

There is no excuse for stoning as a punishment. None.

Criminal punishments for "adultery" are reprehensible. Selectively punishing women is sickening.



  1. Dusty Says:
  2. You know I heart you right? But this shit ain't news...these sumbitches have been doing this heinous crap for a 100 years or longer.

    Whats the difference between our religious nutters and theirs? Not much m'dear friend...our laws just don't allow stoning.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. I think both religions would like to institute a step backwards to a time where all people were repressed (except, of course, the male leaders) and the church had the power to ruin many, many more lives than they do now.

  5. All fundamentalist religions seem to treat women like shit. I'm tired of being told that we need to be tolerant of their beliefs--muslim, christian, jewish, whatever. Enough.

  6. Chris Chen Says:
  7. In Western society, we get to choose our religion. If we don't like the restrictions and punishments of a religion, we can opt out of that entire religion.
    In Middle-Eastern countries that are under an Islamic penal code, the people in those countries don't have a choice: Everyone's entitled to Muhammed's opinion, and if you don't like it, then you get stoned. UNfortunately, it's just that simple.

  8. Tengrain Says:
  9. And you know that our Xristian Xrazies would be all over this, except they also know that they would be stoned, too.



  10. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  11. I'd be willing to be tolerant of people's religions if they didn't involve lies, repressing the ideas of others, interfering in the lives of others, engage in violence, sexually abuse women in children...I'm sure I've forgotten something,all in the name of their god.

    A religious extremist is that, whether they're Muslim, Christian or whatever they are.



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