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What's Really Going on With British Petroleum's "Cleanup"

Posted by libhom Monday, July 12, 2010

Revoke BP's Corporate Charter http://bit.ly/revokebpscharterDahr Jamail has done excellent reporting on Iraq, reporting which contradicts the official narrative which is parroted by corporate media outlets. Now, he is doing the same with British Petroleum's oil spill in his 7/7/10 blog posting, Mitigating Annihilation.

From the air, the area north of Grand Isle, Louisiana, much of it around Barataria Bay, looks like scorched earth. This area has been and is heavily afflicted by BP’s oil. The so-called clean up efforts, including laying out booms to supposedly prevent oil from destroying more marsh and killing more wildlife, are a farce.

Opaque multi-color sheen stains much of the bay, and is visible in countless inlets that snake their way into the marsh. The contrast between the green marsh area yet to be soiled and the marsh already blackened by the oil and the sheen covered Gulf water is stark. The afflicted water appears as a lifeless, dull, silvery fluid.

While BP has put forth great effort in securing tax benefits acquired from leasing rigs like the sunken Deepwater Horizon, it has also saved money by choosing not to pursue better clean-up methods and technologies. We live in a corporate world where profit is god. Profit rules. Showing a profit on the next quarterly earnings statement is everything. This is how a multi-billion dollar oil giant like BP (yes-we can include the others as well-Exxon/Mobile, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total S.A.) spends vast troughs of money on developing the latest oil exploration and drilling technologies. But when it comes to cleaning up their toxic mess when disaster strikes, every expense is spared.

Many people across varying industries working in the so-called clean-up effort understand that laying out boom to contain oil is largely an act designed primarily to impress politicians and un-informed media. The so-called clean up work BP is engaged in on the soiled Gulf coast has been shoddy, at best, including allegations that BP has been dumping sand atop oil on beaches to cover it up. Controlled oil burns in the Gulf are also, needless to say, coming under criticism for their devastating impact on the environment, in addition to negatively impacting human health of residents on Louisiana’s coast.

The photos by Erika Blumenfeld are particularly damaging to the propaganda campaigns of British Petroleum as well as their enablers in the Coast Guard, the Obama Administration, and the corporate media. It should be noted that the photos are taken from the air. Efforts to photograph and investigate on the ground are fraudulently being treated as criminal by this corrupt administration.

This is definitely a case where the entire news story is worth seeing.

Knowing what is going on isn't enough. We also need to take action. Tell President Obama you want British Petroleum to do a full cleanup, not a cosmetic farce meant to fool the gullible. Contact the White House now!



  1. I had not seen those pictures. But they reveal nothing that I did not expect to see after seeing Fishgrease's posts on booming and how, since it was clearly not being done correctly at all, it was all about just laying bright orange stuff out there for the media and politicians to see.

    I can see that you are another that has had it with the BS coming out of the White House. And it ain't just him. The entire Democratic party pissing me off.

    Simply being more competent while they screw the people over is not exactly the kind of change anyone hoped for from a Dem party that had a near complete stranglehold on the Hill.

    They completely lost me when they ran over the public option. It wasn't single payer but it would have at least been something more than Corporate welfare.

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. Now is the time that petroleum-eating bacteria would be handy... Sure, they might eventually crawl out of the water and eat all of our plastics... That's a disaster for another day...



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