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The extreme right always has held people who work for a living in utter contempt, but seldom do they put that contempt for hard work out on the Internet for people to see. But, the fringe right website which ironically refers to itself as the "American Thinker"...(I'll give you a chance to stop giggling.)...really went overboard on this one.

From a 2/21/11 Rant from the "American Thinker": (bolding mine)

That really frosted me. Why in hell was I bothering to get a postgraduate degree while a semiliterate guy who barely made it through high school got $400 a week for not working half the year? The scales fell from my eyes. Management wasn't the root of all evil. Union workers were just as lazy, greedy, and corrupt. I now saw the union as a grand rip-off. The union working man wasn't some noble, virtuous saint, fighting the good fight against the Robber Barons, as I'd always been taught. He was a drunken, stoned, uneducated, vulgar slob, ripping off a piece of the action for himself. And in my state he had the full force of the law and the state government behind him. So private sector employers fled.

I've been in grad school, and I've done temp work in a factory. In the real world, factory work is a lot harder and mind numbing than graduate school. But, the extreme right doesn't respect real work. They are propagandists for the idle rich who consider actual work to be far beneath them.

In spewing nonsense for the wealthy elites, the rightist pundits start to identify with the wealthy, including aping their prejudices. Vicarious classism and elitism become the sports of the day.

And, if you think that they only hate working people who belong to unions, think again. The right's efforts to cut programs that benefit working people like public education, Social Security, and Medicare so they can give ever larger tax cuts for the lazy, do nothing, rich proves that the right hates and sabotages all workers. They focus more venom on union members because union members aren't getting screwed over as badly as the rest of working people.

When it makes so money spewing propaganda for wealthy parasites, I guess it isn't surprising that the rightist noise machine projects its own worst qualities on people who do real work for a living. Making false accusations against unions and union workers is intellectually lazy.



  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. The working American and union member is the last "safe" class of people that the right feel they can generalize and discriminate against. Blacks and Latinos make you racist. Gays make you a homophobe. But ranting against union members have become de rigeur for the fashionable fascist.

  3. Dave Dubya Says:
  4. "Thinker" is what the American Hater calls himself these days, eh?

  5. Like $400/week means this phantom illiterate guy is living high on the hog. Christ, it would be a struggle to live on that in fucking Alabama.



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