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It's Time to Make Roman Catholic Churches and Schools Adults Only

Posted by libhom Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warning! Keep your kids away from scumbag molesting priests.

It's another year, and the pro child molester RCC clergy are meddling in politics again to fight against birth control and abortion. Obviously, misogyny and racism play a huge role in these violations of the Roman Catholic Church's tax exempt status, but we all know the biggest reason for this: they want an ever increasing supply of children to molest.

The RCC clergy continues to protect the identities of child rapists among its ranks. Their insincere public apologies are coupled with behind the scenes political pressure on law enforcement to prevent criminal investigations of the rampant child rape in that church.


It's time to take serious action to stop the constant child molestation in the Roman Catholic clergy. It's time to bar entrance to RCC churches and schools to anyone under the age of 18.

Pro child molestation activists might claim that such a rule is unconstitutional. They would claim that the RCC is exercising its constitutional rights by engaging in its business activities including religious services and religious brainwashing.

However, adult bookstore operators have a constitutional right to engage in their activities too. However, we protect children by making those businesses adults only. If we can put age restrictions on constitutionally protected businesses so that children don't see visual images of sex, than we certainly can put age restrictions on constitutionally protected churches to prevent children from being raped.

I'm sure that supporters of child rape will be deeply offended by this. Tough shit. This is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate proposal to dramatically reduce a heinous, inexcusable crime that the RCC's clergy continue to actively promote.


1 Responses to It's Time to Make Roman Catholic Churches and Schools Adults Only

  1. Why parents drag their kidsto church or pay for a catholic school education is beyond me. Ok, if the public schools in a town really suck, maybe (if you have a protective mother superior hovering over everything). That said, I remember a friend saying that her husband wanted them to send their future kids to church even though he was not religious and thought is was bullshit. Why? Because he had a friend who was not raised in a church going house who later became a born-again type. As he told his wife, "we have to send our kids to church. Otherwise, how will they learn to hate it?" Smart guy.



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