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Protest with sign that says, 21 years in the Navy protecting our rights, and in 6 weeks Walker destroyed them.
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This is a wonderful idea!

Stand with Wisconsin workers against the right-wing attack on their rights.

Public employees are teachers, police officers, sanitation workers, firefighters, snow plow drivers ... they are our friends, family and neighbors ... most are not rich, but they work hard and earn their benefits. I oppose attempts by politicians to gut their benefits and take away their rights, all to satisfy a partisan, political agenda.

I stand in support of Wisconsin's public employees, the Wisconsinites across the state protesting on their behalf and the state senators who have left the state in order to prevent Gov. Walker's draconian proposal from passing in the legislature.


Please Sign the Petition!

In the eyes of the wealthy and corporate overlords, including the execrable Koch Brothers, every middle class American is a Wisconsin public employee. In other words, they are lowering public employee benefits and taking away basic freedoms from public employees as part of a broader strategy to keep stealing more and more from the middle class and the poor so they can hoard it for themselves.

We need to stop letting politicians in both parties get away with lying about phony "budget crises" that are purely imaginary. Making the rich pay their fair share in taxes would obliterate every state budget deficit and would generate budget surpluses that could be used to create desperately needed jobs and meet important human needs of the non rich.

The vast majority of the money held by the wealthy elites and their corporations really is rightfully ours. It's time that we insist that the politicians that supposedly represent us take it back for us.



  1. I signed! Now I'm worried about the Wisconsin National guard being sent to my house

  2. Robyn Says:
  3. I signed. I'll be in Mexico before the Wisconsin National Guard finds me.

  4. C Woods Says:
  5. I signed. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Thanks... I'll hop over there now and sign it... Rachel has done some amazing shows lately drawing a line that this is a direct assault on the Democratic Party from the Right and has little or nothing to do with the Labor issues per se... Thanks for posting this!

  7. TomCat Says:
  8. I'm not sure if I signed that one, but I have signed ten or fifteen of them.



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