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Angry at How the Koch Brothers Use Their Obscene Fortune?

Posted by libhom Friday, February 04, 2011

These are some of the Koch Industries subsidiaries you may decide not to do business with. (Source: Wikipedia viewed 2/3/11)

Among Koch Industries’ better known subsidiaries across various industries are:
- Georgia-Pacific paper and pulp company, maker of Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper, Mardi Gras napkins and towels and Quilted Northern toilet paper.
- Invista, a polymer and fibers company that makes Stainmaster carpet, and Lycra fiber, among other products.
- Koch Pipeline Company LP, that owns and operates 4,000 miles of pipeline used to transport oil, natural gas liquids and chemicals.
- Flint Hill Resources LP, that operates oil refineries in six states.
- Koch Fertilizer, LLC, owns or has interests in fertilizer plants the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Italy, among others. In October 2010, a plant in Venezuela was nationalized by the government.

You also might be interested in a protest a few days ago against the Koch's secretive meeting with other rich rightists in posh Rancho Mirage, CA.

protest with two banners, Quarantine the Kochs and Koch Kills Democracy www.codepink.org
Photo: losinghand


1 Responses to Angry at How the Koch Brothers Use Their Obscene Fortune?

  1. Cirze Says:
  2. Love it!


    Keep posting Koch-owned products to boycott.

    I'm there.




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