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Pro Democracy Protests Spread to Ohio

Posted by libhom Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pro democracy protests keep spreading against fascism, corruption, rigged elections, violations of human rights, and economic attacks against the middle class and the poor. This time, they have spread to Ohio. (Labor Notes 2/18/11)

Thousands of workers, mostly public employee union members but also from the private sector, rallied at the Capitol in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday to stop a senate bill that would end public workers’ collective bargaining rights.

The proposed law would take away public employees’ right to strike and make them pay 20 percent of their health care costs. Teachers would lose automatic step increases. The bill would end binding arbitration to resolve deadlocks in union-management negotiations. Republican Governor John Kasich ran on this anti-worker program.

And the "election" Kasich "won" was rigged by the same corrupt forces that rigged the "election" in Wisconsin that put Scott Walker in power.

4-5,000 pro democracy activists joined the protest. There were roughly 200 Astroturf teabagggers staging a fake counterprotest, inevitably on the orders of their corporate employers.

Check out some video from the protest.

These are real, hard working Americans. They aren't the parasitical idle rich that demand more and more of our money.


1 Responses to Pro Democracy Protests Spread to Ohio

  1. Robyn Says:
  2. This is wonderful to see. Union employees are not the evil people the Republicans make them out to be.



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