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Boycott the New York Daily News

Posted by libhom Friday, November 09, 2007

New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin went way beyond the boundaries of journalistic professionalism in his column demonizing people who are against torture. Goodwin has some choice words for people who are against torture:

  • "rabid"

  • "the fanatical fringe"

  • "blinded by their hatred"

  • "ridiculous"

For those of you outside of the New York area, the New York Daily News is a conservative tabloid that is similar to Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, though the Daily News usually is a bit less strident.

Democrats.com has started a boycott against the NY Daily News:
I am joining the boycott against the New York Daily News and its advertisers because columnist Michael Goodwin viciously attacked all progressive New Yorkers in his 11/7/07 column entitled "Chuck bucks the loony left."

I will boycott the New York Daily News and its advertisers until Michael Goodwin apologizes for this outrageous attack on progressive New Yorkers - or is fired.

The overwhelming majority of people in NYC are against torture. Why in the world would the New York Daily News print infantile personal attacks against us? Why should we pay them to print these infantile personal attacks by buying their newspaper?

There is something wrong when the only way a daily newspaper will cover a human rights protest is to demonize and ridicule it. Liberals and progressive need to start fighting back when news outlets print hateful nonsense to try to intimidate us into silence.

1 Responses to Boycott the New York Daily News

  1. Brad Says:
  2. NY Daily News is just like the New York Post, only without the only reason to look at the Post, that being the excellent sports coverage. The DN is simply birdcage lining.



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