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Official Kucinich Endorsement

Posted by libhom Tuesday, November 06, 2007

As you can tell if you read this blog, Dennis Kucinich is the Democratic candidate who I agree with on the most issues and of whom I have the most admiration. The Kucinich campaign rests on the view that decency, compassion, and integrity matter.

That is why I'm endorsing Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Want to know more about why I support Dennis Kucinich?

See my previous blog postings mentioning him.


  1. RickB Says:
  2. Hell Yeah!

  3. YES I AM WITH and yes i want that badge. YOu know i have looked at Edward closely..BUT this guy Dennis is the ONLY ONE who offers us the platform we want..not a kind of ok one..but a fuckin great one. HE HAS MY VOTE. Lets shock the system.

    Lets hope the judiciary committee does it job, builds the impeachment case and pursues this criminal junta in our country even after they are out of office. Sooo after being Dennis all the way, then looking at harm reduction with Edwards I have come full circle.

    Its Dennis or No ONE. as rich just said HELL YEAH !



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