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Ron Paul Coins??? ROTFLMAO

Posted by libhom Friday, November 16, 2007

What Ron Paul Coins Should Look Like

Admittedly, there are plenty of otherwise sensible people who are supporting Ron Paul out of sheer disgust with the Republican presidential candidates and nearly all of the Democratic candidates. However, there also is a cult of Ron Paul worshipers who enter into a frenzied state at the mere mention of his name.

Blog postings criticizing His Holeyness get frenzied responses from Paulians who go to great lengths to try to convince progressives and others they should abandon nearly everything they stand for to join in the Crusade. Many of the comments from the Ronitarians are filled with unintentional humor.

But, the funniest group of Paulian extremists is the one that issued coins in his name. If you want to see the actual coins, the Washington Post article has the pics.

Bernard von NotHaus, NORFED's founder and executive director, said in an interview from his home in Miami Friday night that his employees in Evansville had received the copper dollars late last week and managed to mail out only about 3,500 of them so far. After a six-hour raid, he said, the agents left with the rest of the coins, which weighed about two tons total, as well as smaller amounts of silver Ron Paul dollars, gold Ron Paul dollars that sell for $1,000 and platinum Ron Paul dollars that sell for $2,000. There was a separate raid, NotHaus said, of Sunshine Mint in Coer D'Alene, Idaho, a company that prints the organization's coins, where von NotHaus said agents seized the huge pallets of silver and gold worth more than $1 million that the organization says back the paper certificates issued to its customers.

"They took everything, all of the computers, everything but the desks and chairs," said von NotHaus, who says he served 25 years as the mintmaster for the Royal Hawaiian Mint. "The federal government really is afraid."

The Bush regime would have to beat its own paranoia record to be afraid of this. It sounds more like a prosecutor heard about this because of the Paulipalian frenzy.

I did a fairly comprehensive posting myself on Paul's actual stands on the issues, and I received the requisite flood of comments from the Ronmons. Some of Paul's zealots may be quite funny, but his policies are anything but.

Paul's agenda is, for the most part, frightening.


  1. Curtis Says:
  2. Do you feel that everyone should be forced to use Federal Reserve notes for every transaction?

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. ... how long did it take you to photoshop that image at the top?

  5. Brad Says:
  6. Oh no! Revenge of the Paultards is coming!

  7. Mark Herpel Says:
  8. Correction you Godless homo, its not a coin unless the Treasury issues it. This is a private currency and there are dozens if not hundreds of other private currencies across the US, it's not unusual to see or use them. The silver 'Libertys' are the most common and there are about $20 million of them in circulation today. The Ron Paul campaign advocates the use of 'free market money' which includes private currencies. Unfortunately, the private barter 'monies' compete with the Federal Reserve issued stuff and that puts the issue right on the George Bush hit list. Is a guy who, a decade ago created the Liberty Dollar and has for that decade worked towards informing the public about the falling dollar and excessive US debt really that big of a threat to the US? Its overkill and excessive. Very sad to see it.


    PS. My Godless homo comment was not meant as derogatory, I was using the item as found on your web site, no offense taken I hope. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. I can understand at least at first blush the attraction to Paul, i went through three days of it. Primarily because of his stance on the Patriot Act which i abhor. Then i looked at his voting record. I looked, i thought well..i am not a one issue person.etc etc. BUT in the final analysis. My energies cannot go to him AT ALL.

    No we have an answer on the Democratic side of things. - we have our own Kucinich for example. Is it stockholm syndrom ? or what - IF only some of the RP passion could go towards someone who would not sell women down the river for example -

    All government is not bad , It needs to be in general not micro managed by raging partisians. Sure the party in power has some "semi mandate" philosophically BUT AND IT IS A REALLY BIG BUT - There are a few areas in which the Feds should NOT be partisian EVER - the DOJ, the FCC, the SEC amd HHS - our country was designed to be a place where all "men are created equal - where opportunity and access , and a safety are in place - its been a long struggle to get there..BUT america is not supposed to be so dog eat dog. Therefore i could never in good conscience ignore , the "smaller problems i have with Paul"

    The nagging question is why o why will progressives NOT give and fight with as much passion and MONEY - as other groups of people ? I do not expect an answer..its one of the great mysteries of life.

  10. libhom Says:
  11. Proud Progressive: I love your comments.

    You did exactly what any sensible person would do if they read about a candidate who seemed surprisingly good. You actually checked that politician's positions and record. If more people did that, our country would be in much better shape.

    As for the money issue, I think that Paul gets so much more of it because he is being funded by wealthy businesspeople who are being financially squeezed by the war. With the large exception of war profiteers, American business is being hurt terribly by the war. The subprime mortgage crisis, for instance, is a result of budget deficits caused by the war (and by huge tax cuts for the rich which Paul and the rich donors support).

    I don't think you should be discouraged by the fact that progressives have less money to give to political candidates, at least not in terms of it seeming to suggest that progressives have less passion. I don't see the latter as accurate.

  12. is being anti-republican the same as being a democrat?

  13. LOD , no being anti current republican regime is not the same as being a democrat. Many democrats are equally disgusted with their own democrats because it really seems like a ONE big business party.

    The thing with the dems is that ideally, they are more advocates for the common person , common good, not just the good of those who can live off their investments dividends. Once upon a time - there was a notion that government should be fiscally responsible and redestribute the common wealth for the greatest good of the greatest number VS. a straight every man for himself kind of Horacio Alger myth.

    There are many fine republican conservatives who honor our personal liberties to a degree that should shame any democrat. There are republicans that are calling for impeachement. I could kiss em !

    We are a republic - we are a huge country. We need common sense. We need public services for all our taxes. Public Health, Public Schools, Public Libraries. ACCESS for all, opportunity - that is what made america great. It also gave us an incrediable moral compass at one time through expanding who is enfranchised.

    But no democrats are noy "anti" republican per se- not the way the so many republicans have made a cottage industry out of being anti democrat. Its all about the public policy stuff - how the philosphies are clashing - Some of us are so disgusted we are both anti republican and anti dem because they act like a ONE business party.

    and there are two sides to this as well - some tend to be more eagalitarian others more libertarian ..and on and on...

    One thing for sure, many republicans are going to be suffering in their quality of life, just as hard as dems due to the NEO con/lib policies since the coup of 2000 if something does not change drastically and soon.

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