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I went to a recent meeting of a queer Democratic Club. Two things struck me.

1) The meeting had a presidential candidate endorsement, and it was the most poorly attended meeting I had ever seen of the group.

2) The club endorsed Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she is the least supportive Democratic candidate on lgbt issues.

I know of few liberal Democrats who are supporting Clinton, queer or otherwise. She is being pushed by Rupert Murdoch and other wealthy Republican donors on a Democratic Party where she and her husband are far from trusted. On the other hand, conservative and centrist Democrats, people with career ambitions in the Party, and those who are uncompromising in their partisanship are strongly supporting Ms. Clinton.

You can guess who made up the majority of attendees at that particular meeting of the club. People with outlooks more along the lines of lgbt activists and liberals didn't even bother to show up in significant numbers.

Regardless of what you think of one endorsement in one lgbt political club, this is a microcosm of a larger trend in the Democratic Party. There is a conservative establishment run by well-funded power brokers which is growing increasingly arrogant and dismissive of liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrats are starting to look outside the Democratic Party for venues of political expression and activism. It also is starting to affect liberal donor behavior.

Traditionally, the power brokers have used understandable fear and anger at the behavior of Republicans to hold the party together around overly conservative candidates. However, the behavior of more Democratic politicians gets more frightening and infuriating to liberals with each passing day.


  1. It is truly baffling. Baffling i tell ya ! I have encountered so called progressive democratic women, who though straight are not narrow and remarkably they DO NOT SEE or comprehend who Hillary actually is and that is NO FRIEND OF OURS . She would throw our civil rights to the States. (correct me if i am wrong but that is what i read and heard her say) She is NO friend. She would be a lightning rod for every wing nut out there - on pure clinton hatred. We would be subjected to four yrs of clinton bashing and i am barely over the last of it and that was nearly a decade ago. She has her finger on the trigger with IRAN , Her health care plan leaves the middle man firmly in place. ...i mean jesus H Christ..Why can people not see this? Its all about the power.

    right now, for practical purposes i am hoping Edwards is the nominee. As he is viable. I am likely voting Kucinich, but will not put Edwards down at all. People regrettfully still associate him with crappy kerry. Ok...

    But as you posted Its just surreal that the lgbt dems still cling to any clinton - they brought us nothing BUT broken promises and DOMA - billy boy could have vetoed that.

    I think what it boils down to basically is like many of us including me at times..ie the 90s we were NOT paying enough attention to what was really and truly going down. It was a thrill that David Mixner would get a foot in the door with a clinton admin in the past - but that did not go far.

    Its baffling..just baffling. Lets hope the dems over the country - get it - what Dodd brought up at the recent debate..HER "electability" and for me. I will never cast a vote for her in the general. NEVER. Thanks for the update on the meeting GLH.

    I got my Kucinich badge up on my blog. That is my heart.

  2. libhom Says:
  3. I may not have been entirely clear in this posting, which is the first in a series. I think the unusually small number of people at that meeting represented the diehard partisans. I think your views are more representative of the grassroots.

    More to come.

  4. well thats good to know. Carry on !



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