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Kucinich Makes Link Between Corporate Trade Deals and Immigration

Posted by libhom Monday, November 19, 2007

This is from Democracy Now a while back, but it still is relevant today. Kucinich makes an excellent point about how NAFTA and the WTO create poverty in Mexico which in turn forces many people there to immigrate to the US. It would be nice if the only people migrating to the US from Mexico and other countries were coming here because they wanted to, not due to artificially generated, desperate poverty.

A similar point can be made about Haiti. If "our" government would stop supporting the murderous oligarchs and overthrowing democratically elected governments there, far fewer Haitians would be fleeing political persecution and horrific poverty.


  1. Some great points. Frankly, Wars of aggression, secretly funding coups, and raping the underdeveloped world of resources are characteristics of our history that will no longer work in this century. If we continue to ignore the death, starvation, and economic inequities of this world it will eventually come back to haunt us.

  2. Christopher Says:
  3. Dennis Kucinich is just terrific.

    I like him very much and I think he contributes so much to the debate.

  4. I too love Kucinich, and have supported his campaign. Have a bumper stickers. I just may vote for him. If strategically it looks like he is gaining enough ground. He is like a page out of Naomi Klein's book - his ideas are the this progressive's agenda as well. The trouble is that the powers that be are so completely opposed to any type of Keynesian approaches to our country - that its likely that someone that can present an incremental change is more like to be recieved ie. Obama or Edwards.

    How anyone , can long for the Clintons again is completely beyond me. After all - NAFTA , free trade. these Neo liberals are hand holding pals of the Neo Cons.



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