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My Response to a Tammy Baldwin Fundraising Letter

Posted by libhom Thursday, November 08, 2007

Please Take Me Off Of Your Mailing List

When I received your campaign mailer a few days ago, I seriously considered sending in a check. However, past experience with so many horrible Democrats has taught me to be very careful before trusting any Democratic politician. It seemed best to wait and see what actually would happen with and to ENDA.

That definitely turned out to be a wise approach.

Nancy Pelosi still is the same heterosexist bigot she was when she gay-baited her way into Congress. She sees Barney Frank's anti-ENDA revisions as part of a broader strategy. She is working to erode ENDA during a time when there is no Democratic president so that any bill that would reach a future Democratic president's desk would do little or nothing to protect any lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender Americans.

You presented yourself as a progressive politician who was a leader on queer issues, unlike Barney Frank who is a shill for the viciously heterosexist Democratic Party leadership. You even offered an amendment to reverse one of the more important efforts to sabotage ENDA: taking out gender identity.

When you withdrew your amendment, it dashed any hopes that there was any lgbt person in Congress that actually cares about the queer community.

If House Democrats don't pass a real ENDA by November 2008, I will avoid voting for any Democratic candidates for any office. I'm mad as hell, and I'm simply not going to take it any more.

I'll write the check to Cindy Sheehan's campaign. At least SHE is honest.


  1. Christopher Says:
  2. GLH,

    I read George Soros hates Speaker Botox too.

    He plans to put his money behind Sheehan's challenge to her reelection next year.

    We still get fundraising letters from the DNC, even though both Jim and I left the Democratic party and became registered Independents after Speaker Botox said, "impeachment is off the table."

    We always mail the letter back with a terse note and Monopoly money.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. I love the monopoly money idea.

    Considering the Democrats' lack of interest in fighting corporate monopolies these days, there is an added element of irony to it.



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