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Kucinich Rocks

Posted by libhom Monday, November 05, 2007

We need politicians in the country who are as honest as Dennis Kucinich.

I voted for him in the Democracy for America poll. You should too.

1 Responses to Kucinich Rocks

  1. Yes he does. He is the complete U turn this country needs. And its just that U turn , towards equality , which democracy does not fundamentally support that will hinder him..The greedy are a violent bunch. I love Dennis. Still waiting for my stickers and sweatshirt..i sent him money..but as a back up also sent the other publically financed guy Edwards some dough too. WE have to try to stop the machine. With the options we have. I am watching C span today to hear Dennis bring up the Impeachment Resolution...What a good man. He does ROCK.



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