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That Kucinich Guy Keeps Talking Sense

Posted by libhom Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dennis Kucinich got a chance to express himself at the latest Democratic "debate" in Las Vegas, which he often does not. Here is a great edit of what Kucinich had to say.

Thanks to researchris2 for posting the video. Hat tip to Tennessee Guerilla Women for posting it on that blog.

Those of us who support Kucinich should do everything we can to publicize his views. It is a win-win. It helps his candidacy and provides a soapbox progressive views.

One of the responses to the video is particularly interesting: a personal, hip-hop endorsement of Kucinich.


  1. Dusty Says:
  2. I will be voting for Kucinich, without a doubt.

    Hey, OT, but I yanked a bunch of the sidebar stuff on my blog..could you let me know if it loads better for you now?

  3. libhom Says:
  4. It loaded much better just now. I'll check back in a couple of days.


  5. Russel Simmons came out awhile ago for Kucinich. If it becomes apparent that it just ain't gonna happen for him or even Edwards. Me i will gladly with gusto..Vote for Obama. What a coup and a step forward for our country that would be.

    I am looking at strategy..i am looking at playing defense now, ABB shillery. Thats our reality dear ones. Some nut cases like Tom Friedman have suggested that Obama take on a cheney like figure for VP..Friedman is a sick piece of pompous delusion crap in my book.

    Now if Edwards, cannot hitch his wagon to Obama and go the VP route again because it is just too weird for him..imagine this ...IMagine if Obama took Kucinich. Its highly unlikely - but there are choices out there..there is Dennis himself - Obama may not be politically pure enough for him.

    Who Obama picks and if he could pick early could make a huge impact on the vote. Me i am thinking we are gonna break American Voting records this season..MORE people voting than ever before.

    And yes Dennis makes a ton of sense I have his badge on my blog. He is who we need, but we ain't gonna get. Thats reality dear ones.

    I also must weigh the value of my vote. Its got to go where it can do the most good for the U turn in direction this country needs...and that may mean an Obama vote.

    Poor Edwards ...as seen on link from Politico on Liberallymirth supplied by Christopher - Edwards may in trouble OY , due to the ACTblue pac. Christ on crutch , we call this democracy ....



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