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Chandira Makes an Excellent Point About Obama's Fundraising

Posted by libhom Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama with two elder women supporters
Obama campaign photo with American elders.

It's time to quote a comment from my blog posting on Obama's enormous rally in Oregon. Chandira of Diary of a Hope Fiend mentioned something that is quite important.

I was reading an article about Obama's fund raising, and how it's all been done by a ton of small internet donations, rather than at fund-raising dinners for 'big money', I think they said $55 million, which is a lot of money and people, when you consider that an individual can only give $2300. Most of it has trickled in in $20's and $50's..
This has been a ground-breaking grassroots campaign, and that makes me happy.

This is good news, even for us more cynical folk. The economics of Obama's fundraising model mean that he is more dependent on middle class donors than the rich. This should have important policy implications.

What about the poor? If people start catching onto the fact that the economic interests of the poor and middle class almost always are the same, this could really help impoverished Americans at the public policy level. Of course, the wealthy use a lot of their resources trying to trick people into thinking otherwise.




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