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Even the Post Office Has Gone Downhill Under Bush

Posted by libhom Friday, May 16, 2008

During the era of the Bush regime, I have noticed the following in places I have lived and have heard similar reports from individuals in other parts of the country.

- They refuse to forward mail that comes to your home from a previous occupant.

- Sometimes they throw away your mail when it is on vacation hold.

- Lines are getting much longer at post offices.

- Stamp vending machines are poorly maintained.

- "Return to Sender" for former occupants is ignored. They just leave the letter in your mailbox.

Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq "reconstruction" will be the most infamous examples of the Bush regime's complete inability to govern, but the Post Office will be another obnoxious legacy of their incompetence.



  1. JayV Says:
  2. So true. And just this week we saw yet another rise in price for First Class stamps. After standing in line at my local substation, I find it annoying when the clerk pushes "additional stamps?" on me.

  3. GDAEman Says:
  4. Say it isn't so!

  5. Christopher Says:
  6. GLH,

    Are you old enough to remember when Reagan was in office?

    Do you recall he blew a hole in the Federal budget with his first year tax cuts for the wealthy and spent the next 7 years trying to figure out how to fix it?

    One of his "solutions" was to close post offices, eliminate Saturday delivery and stop the practice of holding mail for customers on vacation.

    It's amazing. 20 years later and it's just more Bushit.

  7. libhom Says:
  8. christopher aka John Cena ;)

    I remember Reagan making lots of cuts, but not those specific ones. Some cuts Reagan didn't get around to making were cuts in corporate welfare.


  9. Christopher Says:
  10. GLH,

    That single, first year tax cut for the wealthy, was a fiscal nightmare for this country and credited with the cutbacks to VA programs too.

    My mother was an RN (she's retired now) and she worked at a VA hospital at the time. The stories she told of sick vets who had to travel hundreds of miles to receive services they used to receive locally.

    The GOP are pigs.

    BTW, I have a HUGE jones for John Cena. If only he liked boys! *wink*

  11. libhom Says:
  12. Christopher:
    I've heard rumors about why Cena refuses to wear trunks, preferring those bulky shorts. ;)

    My all time favorite pro-wrestler in the lust department is Brad Armstrong.

  13. Christopher Says:
  14. Really? Hmmm, hmmmmm!

  15. Mauigirl Says:
  16. A true sign of the decline of a country is when the post office becomes unreliable and you can't be sure whether something you mailed will get there.



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