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Although Clinton and Obama traded lopsided primary victories in Kentucky and Oregon respectively, the big news is that Barack Obama has won the majority of legitimate delegates for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Obama's standing:

Legitimate Delegates Pledged to Obama

Majority of Legitimate Delegates

It's time to celebrate! Obama has won!

It's time for Clinton to withdraw. It now is impossible for her to win the Democratic nomination. She can only steal it with a superdelegate scam that would ensure that she would lose at least 40 states in November.



  1. Yea!!

  2. Pagan Sphinx Says:
  3. awright! i'm so hopeful.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Even though I was originally for Hillary, I'm so glad this is almost, sort, kinda OVER!

  6. Zee Says:
  7. If it's in THE RULES that the super delegates can vote for whom they please, especially when no candidate reached the magic number (yes, Obama FAILED to do that, too) how will it be a "scam" if the national polls convince the super delegates only Hillary not Obama beats McCain in the general election and they switch their votes (as is ALLOWED in the RULES) to her?

    It's not over till it's over.

  8. libhom Says:
  9. zee's comments show the danger of repeating talking points without thinking. The superdelegate system and its rules were deliberately set up to allow corrupt politicians to steal the nomination. It should surprise nobody that one of the architects of the scam was Geraldine Ferraro, someone with ties to organized crime.

    The last politician to steal the nomination with a superdelagate scam was Walter Mondale. We know how he did in the general election.



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