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New Yorkers Oppose Healthcare Privatization Move

Posted by libhom Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just when you thought there already were too many obstacles to decent healthcare coverage in America...

From NYC Indymedia 5/10/08:

Coalition Against Privatization Protests GHI/HIP Privatization

On May 9th, a group of determined protesters gathered in front of the office of State Superintendent of the Insurance Eric Dinallo at 25 Beaver Street in Downtown NYC to oppose the proposed conversion of GHI & HIP to a new for-profit company. The march sent a clear message in opposition to the proposal and recommended that Superintendent Dinallo refuse to sign off on it.


Protesters highlighted the negative aspects of the unregulated private health insurance system in the United States. Payments for medical care now eat up the highest percentage of household disposable income and premiums have increased by 80% from 2001-2006. The conversion (privatization) of GHI & HIP will fully expose 4 million people in NY State to the worst effects of this system. A number of speakers at the demo spoke not only against the privatization but in favor of an all-inclusive single-payer national health insurance plan.

The demonstration was the first public act of the Coalition Against Privatization and speakers at the event included representatives from the Independent Community of Educators (UFT), rank-and-file members of the Transit Workers Union Local 100, rank-and-file members of D.C. 37, the Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, the Socialist Party USA (NYC) and Socialist Action.

Consumer's Union has some information on conversion of healthcare plans from non-profits to profit making corporations. I remember hearing from Californians how Blue Cross cut back on benefits and shot up rates when they went for profit.

When people are talking about privatization in this context, they are referring to changing a non-profit public interest group to a for profit corporation with private owners.

Here's some info from a call for a demo on Friday May 30th. If you are in NYC and can get off work early that day, you might want to go.
Join the movement to prevent GHI-HIP from converting to a for-profit company & jeopardizing the healthcare of 4 million policy holders, including 500,000 NYC workers (93% of the [public --t.] workforce) & retirees. Help send a "no privatization" message to Gov. David Paterson & GHI.

Bring friends & signs.

4:30 pm - Meet at Office of GHI, 441 9th Avenue (34th & 9th)
5:00 pm March to the Governor`s Office, 633 3rd Avenue (441st & 3rd)
(A/C/E or 1/2/3 to 34th Street)

Video from a demo earlier this month.

1 Responses to New Yorkers Oppose Healthcare Privatization Move

  1. Oh, geez! My family is stuck with HIP at the moment; we've had GHI in the past. They were both crooks of the first order even before they merged.



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