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A Reminder of Why People Should Support Cindy Sheehan

Posted by libhom Sunday, May 25, 2008

The code for this was emailed to everyone in the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus, which I am a member of through my efforts in the March 19 Blogswarm Against the Iraq War.

"Impeachment is off the table," said Pelosi, D-Calif. "Democrats are not about getting even. Democrats are about helping people get ahead."
She used the word "bipartisan" at least eight times in her few minutes before the media, and said that she had promised the president that she would cooperate with him as much as possible.
-- Two days after the 2006 midterms, by Bill Moyers, National Examiner, November 09, 2006

They are inviting people to spread it around. Here is a version of the code I modified slightly to fit better within a Blogger Blog.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. Man, are you correct!

    I hope Sheehan defeats Speaker Botox.

    To think of all the chances Pelosi had to close down the committees in charges of funding Bush and Hillary's Iraq war and she failed to do so

  3. Harvey Says:
  4. Cindy Sheehan has as much chance in winning Nancy Pelosi's seat as Ralph Nader has in being elected...dog catcher! Ms. Sheehan is just more proof that the far left can be equally as goofy as the far right in my humble opinion. Go ahead and throw away your votes though suckers. Maybe you leftist loonies can siphon enough votes from her to give Pelosi's seat back to the Republicans. Sort of like "deja vu all over again" when the Nader voting numbskulls in Florida alone gave us 8 fucking years of George W. Bush. Be in denial all you want but you people are totally FUCKED!

  5. libhom Says:
  6. harvey: Are you so ignorant that you don't know that Pelosi is a corrupt, racist, homophobic war criminal?

  7. Christopher Says:
  8. GLH,

    Click on Harvey's name and it takes you to his blog.

    Nuff said. 0|0

  9. libhom Says:
  10. christopher:
    Yeah, you are so correct.



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