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Tell Your Senators to Vote Against Any More War Funding

Posted by libhom Sunday, May 18, 2008

Those schmucks in DC are at it again. Congress has another Iraq war funding bill which they actually are giving serious consideration to. It is important to remind our Senators who they represent, and that they need to stop voting for the slaughter in Iraq.

From a Peace Action West Action Alert:

Tell the Senate to Stop Funding the Occupation of Iraq
When the House voted on the supplemental last week, Republicans decided to protest the process the Democrats used by voting “present” on the funding. The good news is that more members of Congress than ever before took a real stand by voting against the funding, and it went down in flames. The bad news is that the Republicans felt comfortable letting the funding fail because they are confident that it will be added back in by the Senate.

The Senate is planning to vote on the funding early this week. Help stop another blank check by writing to your senators today.

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  1. JoeC Says:
  2. Dugg it. (or maybe I digged it?)

  3. Badthing1 Says:
  4. Ok libhom,

    I'm going to take action right now.

    I'm also going to digg this post.

  5. Thanks libhomo, for helping get the word out!



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