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I thought that there was nothing that an evil racist, heterosexist, corrupt, Republican, war criminal like Hillary Clinton could do that would shock me.

I was wrong. This news is astonishing and perhaps criminal.

Clinton was responding to a question from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader editorial board about calls for her to drop out of the race.

"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it," she said, dismissing the idea of dropping out.

Clinton shouldn't just drop out of the race. She should resign in disgrace from the Senate and never show her face in public again.

The Justice Department also should launch a criminal probe into the matter and determine if Ms. Clinton made a terrorist threat.



  1. Christopher Says:
  2. For any presidential candidate from either party, to raise the ugly specter of political assassination the way the Borg Queen did today, is unlike anything I've seen in politics.

    The monstrous woman needs to be Censored by the US Senate and summarily recalled by the voters of New York.

  3. libhom Says:
  4. christopher: I don't think New York has the recall. A lot of laws in our state are very backwards. The straights can't even get no fault divorces here unless both parties agree.

  5. JoeC Says:
  6. Wow...is this her new campaign slogan then? "Hillary: Because Obama might get assassinated (wink wink, nudge nudge)" I guess since Americans didn't storm the gates when the politicos admitted torturing, spying, and taking away a right to a trial, they figure open acknowledgement of assassination plotting won't make much of a wave either. Here's to a Hillary/Obama duel with bullets, just like the old days!

  7. adriana Says:
  8. I don't know how she could win again in NY in 2012. I always got the impression that NYers were more liberal than HC, at least the more activist ones.

  9. Delta Says:
  10. It is a sickening comment. Hopefully it will lead to her dropping out sooner. She won't do it immediately because it would then look like a reaction to this, but maybe she'll back down in a week or so now. Then again if she doesn't back out it wouldn't really surprise me either. There's not hing that I wouldn't expect her to do to win. Nothing.

  11. madhouse 6 Says:
  12. i honest to god do not understand this.

    has she lost her mind?



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