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I've already posted on the similarities between the political agendas of Bush and Hillary Clinton. Since then, Clinton has become even more rabid in her saber rattling with Iran, making her more like Shrub.

This month, Bring it On! also had an excellent post on similarities in personalities, histories, and behavior between the two of them. Here are the first three paragraphs.

History sometimes cycles through repeating patterns that aren’t easily noticeable. Political history - obfuscated as it is by partisan squabbling and self-interest - is a particularly difficult place to notice them. Sure, there are plenty of polls, records galore, and election results to ponder, but ideological differences tend to make us think of politicians in opposing parties as completely different from one another.

As hard as it is to see, and as appalled as both would be to hear it, George Bush and Hillary Clinton are two of those politicians who are so alike they’re almost the same. From their membership in privileged political dynasties to their ability to effortlessly divide constituencies, they become more and more alike as time goes on. Both have squandered political capital like shore-leave sailors spending money on cheap hookers and booze. Both have an affinity for scorched earth policies and little tolerance for those mere mortals who question them. Compromise and easy forthrightness are anathema to them and the day either of them admits a mistake is the day the planet will reverse direction.

But their quixotic pursuit of unattainable goals, regardless of the cost to others, is perhaps their single most noticeable parallel.

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1 Responses to Excellent Blog Post on the Similarities Between Clinton and Bush

  1. GDAEman Says:
  2. For Clinton to equate the Democratic Primary vote in Florida with disenfranchisement of a general election vote is another example of her being disingenuous. The Dem Party sets its own rules for primary voting... they could lower the voting age if they wanted to.... it's the Pary's own private vote, which has nothing to do with the rules of general elections.

    In her desperation, she sullied her reputation.



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