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My Email to Citizens for Legitimate Government

Posted by libhom Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) has been an excellent voice in speaking against the thefts of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections and the enormous corruption of the GOP. However, they have this weird blind spot when it comes to the Clintons. After a silly softball encounter/interview with Bill Clinton, it became obvious that somebody needed to contact them and let them know that there is no excuse for pandering to corrupt, racist, homophobic, Republican war criminals like the Clintons.

I generally admire your organization, but I find it disturbing the way you pander to the Clintons, who are right-wing Bush Republicans pretending to be Democrats. The softball interview that was done with Bill Clinton as he was campaigning in North Carolina is an example of the irrational attachment you have with those Phonycrats.

Hillary and Bill Clinton always make nice promises, but their economic record is about NAFTA/WTO/other corporate trade deals. Clinton trade policies, along with Bill Clinton's successful financial markets deregulation push, are playing a major role in our current financial crisis.

On the international front, the Clintons are literally guilty of crimes against humanity. Bill Clinton murdered over 1 million Iraqis with his sanctions, and Hillary helped Bush murder over 1 million with the Iraq War, which she pushed for ruthlessly, and she is committed to continuing throughout any administration of hers.

Hillary Clinton is so crazy she voted for war with Iran in 2007, and she keeps threatening to launch a massive nuclear attack against that country. She is even more bellicose than Bush.

Don't forget that Hillary and Bill Clinton also are viciously racist and homophobic, while pretending to be the opposite. "Welfare Reform" and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" are two examples of this. Bill Clinton's gradual push against Affirmative Action is another. Hillary Clinton's campaign to erode the Democratic Party's position supporting abortion rights is still another example of why the Clintons can never be trusted on any civil rights issue.

One of the most ugly aspects of their political behavior is how the Clintons have made Aryan supremacist hate one of the main campaign themes. Of course, the white supremacy is hardly limited to the rhetoric of this campaign. Don't let the corporate media blind you to all the racist/GOP-style voter suppression the Clintons have used in this campaign.

Hillary Clinton also keeps threatening to steal the Democratic nomination via a superdelegate scam. The Clintons steal elections just like Bush/Rove.

Please, look at records, not rhetoric. Please don't be fooled by bigoted, corrupt, war criminal Republicans like the Clintons. The Clintons and the Bushes are just different brand names on the same product.


  1. Larry Says:
  2. It shouldn't be a suprise that mainstream media has largely ignored the blatant electoral fraud committed in the 2000 and 2004 elections--not to mention the primary results of HRC (Kucinich and NH). But it is astounding that so little people are aware of the fraud that is being perpetrated by its government, MSM and the corporations that control them.

    Btw, I added you on my blogroll :]. Great posts.

  3. Lew Scannon Says:
  4. Contact Hillary here and tell her the race is over.



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