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Kucinich On Healthcare

Posted by libhom Friday, January 22, 2010

While most politicians are tyring to figure out how to pander to the HMOs and health insurers in the wake of the victory of a GOP ex porn star to Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat, Dennis Kucinich shows us what a Real Democrat is like.

Text Version:

Kucinich Continues To Fight For Single-Payer

Dear Friends:

Forty-seven million Americans are without health insurance. Why? Because they can't afford it.

And what's Washington's solution? Require people to buy private insurance with the government providing a subsidy to the health insurance companies.

What a pathetic state of affairs that our national government cannot respond to the needs of the people and must first respond to the needs of Wall Street and the health insurance industry and their stock prices.

I am going to continue to fight for single-payer. And I'm going to continue to try to get in the final legislation a provision which will protect the rights of states to be able to move forward with single-payer health care plans of their own.

It is time that we broke the chains, which the health insurance companies have on our political process. It's time that we have a government that we can call our own. And it's time that Congress respond to the needs of the American people first, and recognize that health care is a basic right in a democratic society.

Thank you.

Kucinich makes an excellent point. One of the reasons why we need to put the HMOs and health insurers out of business is that they have thoroughly corrupted our political process. Single payer is the most cost effective and humane healthcare policy. It also is a critical part of cleaning up Congress.



  1. Dave Says:
  2. I love Kucinich! If only our other elected "Democrats" had his backbone...

  3. Lisa G. Says:
  4. Denis and Alan Grayson are my two favorite congrescritters. They are on the side of the people, not corporate paymasters.

    And, if he campaigned with his wife, he would win the presidency - his wife is GORGEOUS! I'm hetero, but that woman is a knock out!

  5. GDAEman Says:
  6. A fresh voice of reason in the establishment-dominated landscape. Thanks.



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