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It is becoming glaringly obvious that the politicians that misrepresent me in the Senate, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, hold all poor and middle class New Yorkers in utter contempt. They showed how much more they love the HMOs than their victims by voting for a wealthcare bill masquerading as a healthcare bill which would have slashed Medicare, fined people for not being able to afford wildly overpriced health insurance, restricted abortion, and shoveled money at a set of corporations who already get enough money to provide quality healthcare to the entire US population.

Now, they have shown themselves to be economically reckless and contemptuous of the vast majority of New York voters by voting to confirm Ben Bernanke to another term of misrule at the Federal Reserve Board.

Bernanke was and is a corrupt bankster who nearly destroyed our nation's economy through his anti regulatory policy stance and his refusal to live up to the regulatory responsibilities he had at the Federal Reserve. He also botched the Fed's bailout horribly. Instead of rescuing homeowners who were the victims of fraudulent and predatory loans (which also would have indirectly rescued the banks), Bernanke made a point of rescuing the mortgage paper which was based on those fraudulent and predatory loans.

That was a great deal for Bernanke's fellow banksters who eventually will be able to sell the stolen homes at a profit, but it sucked for their victims while hurting the country in general. The length and depth of this recession are largely due to the approach that the Fed and the Treasury took to the bailout.

Ben Bernanke has been a "walking disaster," "a Demolition Man" to snatch phrases from that old Police song. Ben Bernanke is the "heck of a job Brownie" of the economy, and the two Senators from my state have joined President Obama in rewarding Bernanke's unconscionable conduct. A vote for Bernanke is an act of economic terrorism against America.

I will definitely vote for Jonathan Tasini and against Gillibrand in the primary. If she wins, I will vote Green in November. (I will vote for a Green any day over a Republican like her.)

I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again. Will somebody please, please, please run a primary challenge against the corrupt Phonycrat in the other New York Senate race, Chuck Schumer?

1 Responses to Schumer and Gillibrand Again Show Their Contempt Towards Middle Class and Poor New Yorkers

  1. Lew Scannon Says:
  2. I've about had it with the Democrats too. Maybe the Green Party should become the party for the truly Progressive.



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